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East Plum

The Journey

I've never been much of a writer and well, I don't plan on pretending to be one now but I often get asked how this little journey began.

I've always been the type to see art in everything. From the beauty of the ocean waves, to the tiredness of an old barn and to the cracks in the sidewalk. When my first daughter was born I traded in my corporate city life gig for the quietness of a small hobby farm and raising littles along with my husband. And while I love our daily life my soul was seeking a creative outlet. 

Growing up I often spent time with my Mom sewing and creating as well as working with my Dad in his shop where he often build pieces from wood. Organically, my love for working with wood and the written word shined bright and East Plum was born. I create from a humble little studio built by my husband on our property. I personally source all materials for each and every piece of EP art and then create each piece from start to finish before sending it out the door. My heart skips a beat each time I see my designs hanging in your homes. 

My art is simply a reflection of both my daily life and the beauty of life. I hope my pieces bring a sense of love and light into your homes.